Storm Pal SWI’s have some unique advantages which make them stand out from the competition.

  • Low Initial Cost – 10% savings in price compared with other devices.
  • High Contaminant Reduction Rates  – Tests results from all in service Storm Pal units indicate the level of contaminants contained in the resultant storm water runoff are reduced by 80 to 90%. During high flow conditions all of the storm water is treated compared to other devices which allow overflow amounts to go untreated.
  • Easily Obtainable Parts – Parts are easily obtained from any pre-cast concrete supplier and plumbing wholesaler.
  • Adaptable to Existing Sewer Lines – The Storm Pal storm water interceptor can be easily adapted to be placed into existing sewer lines.

Field Images of Actual SWI Results

Field Results of SWI

The StormPal SWI is more efficient, less expensive, and simple to install with pre-engineered site specific drawings. Modular sections are light and manageable.

Storm Pal Inc can design systems for various site conditions and geographic locations. Multiple tanks can be added to increase storage capacity if regulations require.

Field Results of SWI Field Results of SWI Field Results of SWI